12 years in a restaurant seems like a lifetime. We are so fortunate to have had such an amazing run in a fiercely competitive city. 13 years ago, we had a dream of opening a small neighborhood spot that was cozy and felt like home. We’d fill it with friends and serve nothing but great things. This happened and so much more. The accolades and stars exceeded our wildest dreams, our staff became our family and our regulars became our friends. Each and every one of you put a hand in creating Range and filling it with love.

We produced goodness in a spot that was still rough around the edges. We’ve watched the neighborhood change, Valencia street become unaffordable, neighbors move, staff pursue their own dreams, marry each other, have babies and go on to conquer the world. Range was always a constant fixture because we believed in consistency and under-promising and over-delivering. We did it all. We are so very proud of this dream we shared. The friendships that were cultivated within these walls will live long after the doors close. Thank you for sharing this amazing chapter of our life.

Range invites you to host your next special event in our elegant, yet comfortable restaurant.

Our middle dining room seats up to 18 guests and is semi-private. You will be the only guests seated in this room, but is open to other guests to walk through to the main dining room.

Our main dining room seats up to 40 guests and can be completely private. This room does require food and beverage minimum which is dependent on the date requested.

Range is also available for a full restaurant buy-out for up to 70 guests including our bar.

Please contact us to create a memorable experience for you and your guests.